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At The Walker Law Firm LLC, we use our knowledge of the law and passion for justice to achieve results for our clients. In every case, we focus on their needs and desired outcome.

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Since 1991 when Ms. Walker received her law degree from the University of Missouri, her passion for uncovering truth and bringing about justice has been at the forefront of her practice. She has spent a great deal of her life working to uphold the professionalism that she has built her career on. She has worked tirelessly on presentations and publications for the betterment of the legal profession as well as devoted countless hours of services to do the same.

Many of Ms. Walker's endeavors have been to improve the ethical and professional practices that attorneys are bound by. She co-authored The Missouri Bar Oath as well as the Missouri Lawyer-to-Lawyer Dispute Resolution rule. She also served as past president of the Women's Law Association as well as a past chair of its Ethics and Professional Committee.

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